3 Awesome Lessons Art Taught Me

3 Awesome Lessons Art Taught Me

When I started creating art, I simply was looking for a creative outlet. I often joked that my art was my therapy. Little did I know how true that statement would prove to be! Here are my top 3 life-changing lessons that my art has taught me:

1)  Just Be Me.
When I first started exploring collage art I often would find other mixed media collage artists and I would try to duplicate their look. And, while that helped me explore materials and techniques, it didn't help me find my own style.

Once I stopped mimicking other people's artwork and started creating my own, I began to establish my look and way of creating. The art became mine and I became more confident in my art and myself.

It's amazing how this lesson has transferred into all parts of my life. I feel stronger in who I am, what I believe, and how I live my life. It feels good (most of the time) to just be me.

2)  Persistence matters.
Each and every time I am working on a piece of art, there comes a time when I absolutely, positively HATE what I am creating! I have this powerful desired to crumple it up and throw it in the trash can, light it on fire or take a jumbo sharpie marker an scribble profanity all over it. Moreover, I am sure that this piece of artwork will be hideous and I begin to wonder if I even have a creative bone in my body.

It's not a fun place to be. And, it happens, Every. Single. Time.

But artwork has taught me to persist. Artwork (and Steven Pressfield) has taught me that if I push through the resistance, that maybe, just maybe, I might create something that I am proud of. And, I am happy to report that predominately, this is true.

​This lesson I try to take into my everyday life.  When something feels hard, or when I have the urge to flee because I am out of my comfort zone, I remind myself to stick it out a bit longer. Often, the hardness and uncomfortableness passes and I am glad I persisted.

3)  Listen to my Truth.
When I am creating, I am very much in touch with my intuition and I am very clear about what I like and what I don't like. And, while I may ask for opinions or feedback, because my art is grounded in my truth, I am easily able to accept or reject what other say. Their feedback, I will consider, but I do not take it personally nor does it control my decisions or how I feel about my work.  

Sure, it is always nice to hear that someone likes my creations and conversely it is no fun to hear someone be critical about my work.  But, in the end, because I am so clued into my gut, these comments don't define me or my art.

​By listening to my truth while I am creating, I have a better sense what is true for me in other areas of my life. Now, I am better able to listen to my intuition and make decisions that are good for me.

These three lessons have impacted me so positively! It's amazing what a great therapist art is!

​Have a Happy Day!

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