50 Random Things That Make Me Happy

50 Random Things That Make Me Happy

​​On Sunday I turn 50 years old! To celebrate I thought that I would share 50 random things that make me happy.

1. Urban Art
2. My boy's laughter
3. A roaring fire on a cold, snowy evening
4. Rainbows
5. Lakes, Oceans, Beaches, Boats
6. Not taking things personally
7. My husband's smile
8. A good book
9. The colorful glass in my sunroom windows

10. Podcasts and Audio Books
11. Vacations
​12. Color - bright beautiful bold colors
13. Wild Flowers
14. Creating Art
15. Allowing myself to truly be in the moment
16. Friendships
17. Memories
18. The smells of autumn, hot chocolate, bonfires, spring flowers, fresh baked cookies
19. Puns...punny ones!
​20. Thunderstorms
21. Family game night
22. My son's goofiness
23. The sound of my other son playing his trumpet


24. Finding the perfect words to express how I am feeling
​25. ​Doodling
​26. Imagining possibilities & daydreaming about the future
27. Puppies
28. A good night sleep
29. Kindness
​30. A sunny, 70 degree day
31. A good cry
32. Crossing things off my to do list
​33. Hugs
34. Letting go of what I can not control
35. Curse words
36. Time alone
37. Happy people
38. A good conversation
39. Gratitude
40. Being Creative
​41. Laughter and Smiles

42. Hosting a party
43. Self-help activities
44. Our outdoor shower
45. Stained glass windows
46. Listening to my intuition
​47. Twinkle lights
48. Being comfortable with who I am
49. A long soak in the tub
​50. Focusing on the good

What things make you HAPPY?
I double-dog-dare you to create your own list!

Make it a HAPPY day!

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