A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Two weeks ago, I bid adieu to my job. It was scary to make the decision to quit. There is safety in going to a job, being accountable to someone else and getting a regular paycheck.

But I wasn't happy.

It was a part-time job and I was creating art in my off-time (along with being a mom and a wife). I was spread thin - and did not feel very successful at either my job or my art.

And that sucked.

So I gave notice and quit. And now I have my days free to create and build an art business.

And, WOW!
It's exciting AND terrifying!

I feel overwhelmed AND frozen by all the ideas swimming around in my head, 
I feel thrilled AND intimidated about all the possibilities of what I could do.

But mostly, I feel GRATEFUL that I have this opportunity to spend my days doing what I love!

I don't want this journey happen without reflecting upon and be mindful of the important moments, lessons, and, of course artwork. So every Wednesday (and perhaps even more!) I will post a blog and share my thoughts, insights, and stories.

I hope you will join me during this new chapter of my life.


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