Be Your Own Sunshine - Week 1

Be Your Own Sunshine - Week 1

As the first week of the year winds down, I thought I would share with you the first piece of artwork that I created for my One a Week Art Challenge

It is entitled Be Your Own Sunshine

The base is a scrap piece of a 2x12 that my husband had in his workshop. I love how the grain of the wood that shows through after I painted and sanded it. I think it adds a nice look for the background.

​The image of the very funky sun is made from various papers - maps, grid, ledger, a dictionary page, and some sheets that I created with paints, markers, and colored pencils.

​The letters are hand-cut.

On the back, I wrote a description about what this piece means to me.
It says:

Promote kindness.
Share warmth.
Radiate love.
Hug others.
Bring light into darkness.
Give hope.
Reflect goodness.
See the bright side.
Love life.
Be your own sunshine.

From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to create a sun so I played around with different styles before I decided on the right look.

​Here are a couple of the different iterations. 

I am really excited about how it turned out! And, I think it's going to be a fun year of creating!!!!

​Make it a HAPPY day!


​PS - As with all the pieces that I create this year for the One a Week Art Challenge, the original is not available for sale until January 2019 when I host my celebratory art show.

PSS - I do have prints available of this funky, funky sunshine.
If you are interested in a print, click here.

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