Beautiful Chaos - Week 15

Beautiful Chaos - Week 15

​Chaos is...
disorder | mixed-up | clutter | disarray
bedlam | pandemonium | topsy-turviness
…and isn’t it lovely?!!?

Beautiful Chaos

This piece was fun to do. I was inspired by the piece below by Helen Dardik.

I couldn't decided whether or not to have "beautiful chaos" on the piece, or not.

In the end, I decided to put the words on the original piece, but I will have prints of both with and without the text in my shop.

Make it a HAPPY day!


PS - As with all the pieces that I create this year for the One a Week Art Challenge, the original is not available for sale until early 2019 when I host my celebratory art show.

PSS - I do have prints available of this chaotic piece.
If you are interested in a print, click here for the one that says "Beautiful Chaos" and click here for the one sans text.

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