Creating a Font - Swirly and Curly

Creating a Font - Swirly and Curly

Here's a little peek behind the scenes of my creative process:

A few weeks ago I cut out (by hand) a new alphabet - it's flowy and has curly-Qs. I like the whimsy of it all!

To use it in art pieces, first I scanned the alphabet, edited each letter in Adobe Photoshop and saved each as a digital file (as both PSD and PNG). Now have a new "font" of my own.


To create art, I layout each letter in Photoshop - kind of like the old typesetter - except that each letter is a digital file. And then I add other digital art accents (all from hand-cut paper collage pieces) and backgrounds.

​In fact, if you look above, I updated my logo and the "ART" is in this font.

​​Also, here are some pieces I created with this new font...


The "Be Happy" piece, I also digitally changed the color and texture of the letters. It takes more time, but adds sooo much to the sentiment of the artwork.

It's fun to have a new font in my toolbox!

​Make it HAPPY day!

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