Discovery Hall Project - Sneak Peek #2

Discovery Hall Project - Sneak Peek #2

Progress on the Discovery Hall project for St. Mary's School continues. Since my first sneak peek post, I have been having a good time creating!

The backgrounds, made from maps, ledgers sheets, chalk board images, blueprints, patents and artwork, are complete. I really like the bright colors and think that they will POP!

​After finishing the backgrounds, I began creating the icon images and words to layer on top.


Explore and Create are two of the six icons. Both of these piece are still in progress. I am planning to add a paintbrush next to the pallet, plus more details on both.

The other four icon pieces are:
     LEARN with an image of a computer,
     IMAGINE with a thought bubble, 
     INVESTIGATE: with a magnifying glass, and 
     PLAY with a toy robot.

It will be fun to see how each of the collages turn out!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into the process of the creation process. Stay tune for more sneak peeks!

Make it a HAPPY day!

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