Divine Whisper

Divine Whisper

My newest collage was inspired by a simple moment while on a walk.

My son and I were on a walk one evening when, out of the blue, a butterfly landed on my shoulder.  I didn't even notice it, but my son did. Just as he pointed it out, the butterfly fluttered off my shoulder, swirled around my head and promptly settled onto my other shoulder. My son grabbed my phone to take a picture, but the movement caused the butterfly to fly away and we lost sight of it. Oddly, I knew it would return. Sure enough, a moment later that butterfly reappeared and floated back down onto my shoulder. My son snapped a picture and seconds later, the butterfly took flight and went on its way.

If we would just take a moment to look around, we would find that the universe is in constant communication with us.
                                -Alexandria Hotmer

That butterfly moment gave me the chills and was magical! Seriously, when does that happen???? Except for in a butterfly house, I can not remember a time when a butterfly landed on me once...let alone three times!

Clearly, the butterfly was a sign from above and I feel so blessed!

Hey, Universe, Thank you for that Divine Whisper!


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