Funky Fun Pattern - Dabbling in Surface Design

Funky Fun Pattern - Dabbling in Surface Design

Over the past couple of year, I have become more familiar with a type of artwork called "Surface Design". Surface Design is artwork, that is created, often in a pattern, to be applied to a surface to enhance its appearance.

Here are some examples of artwork of this genre that I found in my house:


I don't know about you, but a design on an item is often why I buy something. In fact, the pillow shown above, was my inspiration piece for our new sunroom and so many decisions I made for that room were based on the colors and design of that pillow. Also, I wasn't planning to purchase a journal the day that I spotted the fun purple paisley pattern, but I loved the design so I decided to add it to my cart.

Is this similar for you? Does design help to guide your purchases?

After learning about Surface Design and becoming familiar with that genre I have become more and more interested in creating art that could be easily applied to various surfaces. Some of my past artwork lends itself to becoming surface design - but some of it does not. So, this week I decided to create a piece specifically with Surface Design in mind.

Since much of the artwork in this genre is a pattern, I decided to create this Funky Fun pattern.

I am kind of digging it! It's has a retro 1960s and 1970s feel. I think it could be fun on a shower curtain, or socks, or a phone case, or a scarf... The options are endless.

My next step with this piece is to scan it and make it digital so that it can be applied to surface.

Who knows, soon you might be seeing this artwork on some products!

Let me know what you think. What types of designs do you like to see on stuff you buy?

​Make it a HAPPY day!

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