Happiness is a Choice and a Practice

Happiness is a Choice and a Practice

Through out 2018 I took on the challenge of creating at least 1 piece of artwork each week. This challenge taught me some unexpected lessons. One such lesson is that Happiness is not only a choice, but a practice too.

In many ways, 2018 was a difficult year for me. The current state of our country filled with conflict and division, the blurriness of fact and truth, and the seemingly loss of the importance of integrity and ethics, makes it hard to remain optimistic. On top of that, my husband and I dealt with a couple of situations in which we were lied to and disappointed by people we trusted and thought were friends.

So, many times throughout 2018 I seriously questioned a core belief of mine - the belief that, generally, people are good and that they are each doing the best that they can.

I was beginning to lose faith in humanity.

And that SUCKS!

Often, I felt incredibly contrary and not in harmony with the mission of my art (which is to bring a little bit of HAPPY into the world one piece at at time). Sometimes, I wondered if I was being hypocritical to be creating happy, optimistic art, when I wondered if the worst of humanity was winning.

But THANK GOD, I had my "One a Week Art Challenge" and that commitment to create something HAPPY every 7 days!

I found that practice of creating something optimistic and positive kept me from falling into the negativity trap. I have dealt with depression in the past - and I can easily imagine how I could have gone to that place again - if I didn't have to actively seek goodness for inspiration.

That's when I realized...It isn't just about CHOOSING HAPPINESS, but it is about actively PRACTICING and seeking HAPPINESS.

​That is why "Do More Happy" is is one of my favorite pieces that I created during this challenge!

Make it a HAPPY day!


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