In the Weeds - Week 26

In the Weeds - Week 26

This week is the HALFWAY point of 2018, thus I am halfway done with my One a Week Art Challenge! It has been such a fun journey this far and I am looking forward to see what is to come. 

This week's piece is entitled In the Weeds. 
(that feels a bit ironic - 1/2  thru this project makes me, pretty much, in the weeds - ha!)

Do you know that feeling??? I do...

​In the Weeds
Caught up in the details.
Unsure of what to do.
Entangled in the complexities.
And, the head will want you to take flight –
To run, and give up.
It will insist on putting an end to the pursuit.
The head will question
Worthiness, and
Will envision inevitable failure.
And the head, will blame you.
It will feel like truth.
It is not.
It is lies.
It is fear.
So, when you are in the weeds,
Reach out for help,
Be curious,
Take care of yourself, and
See the beauty in the weeds.
For, the weeds are a precursor to clarity, and
A sign of good things to come.
The weeds are filled with hope.
See that hope and carry on.

I am thrilled with how the artwork and description turned out! I love when everything comes together!

​Make it a HAPPY Day!


PS - As with all the pieces that I create this year for the One a Week Art Challenge, the original is not available for sale until early 2019 when I host my celebratory art show.

PSS - I do have a print available of In the Weeds.

If you are interested in a print, click here.

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