My Space to Create!

My Space to Create!

So, about six months after my two boys decided, on their own, that they wanted to share a bedroom, I decided that the extra room would be my space.  

My Art Studio.  WoooHoooies!

One weekend, this past summer, I moved all my "stuff" made a space that is perfect! It's bright and colorful and I can get messy and create to my heart's content without bothering the rest of my family.


I simply LOVE it!

For a long time, my husband and I shared our home office.  He had his neat and tidy little desk and I had my huge suppose-to-be-a-kitchen-table desk.  My area of the room included my desk, a couple of bookshelves and, of course, the floor in between, and it was filled with papers, markers, paints, glues, scissors, and other crafting supplies.  The situation was, to say the least, not ideal.  I was afraid to make too big of a mess, and my husband had fears that my "contained" mess might eat him alive.

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