My Why...Why I Art

My Why...Why I Art

Last month I joined an online group for soul-driven women entrepreneurs called Hello Soul Hello Business led by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Kempton and I am really jazzed about some of the amazing nuggets I have gained in such a short amount of time!

​Specifically, in their amazing workbook, Kelly and Beth really challenged me to understand WHY I share my artwork with the world through my business. This has helped me to become much clearer and focused.

So I thought I would share with you MY WHY.

While doing the exercises in the workbook three items became crystal clear to me...
  1. If I create a piece of artwork and share it... if someone smiles, because of that creation, then that art matters.
  2. I believe that sending happy energy out into the world positively impacts others. 
  3. Especially in our current times, Our world needs more positive energy.

I even sketched our my vision of MY WHY...

So ultimately, ART is my little way to add more HAPPY into the world!

What's your WHY?

Make it a HAPPY Day!

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