Nine Bugless Bugs - Week 16

Nine Bugless Bugs - Week 16

Personally, I am not a huge fan of bugs. They are creepy and crawly and make me squirm...especially when they wriggle their way into my home!

But yet, creating these nine little buggers, was tons of fun!

And, they didn't creep me out one bit! I even let them hangout on my dining room table!

These Nine Bugless Bugs might even get me to reconsider my aversion of the real ones.


Make it a HAPPY day!


PS - As with all the pieces that I create this year for the One a Week Art Challenge, the original is not available for sale until early 2019 when I host my celebratory art show.

PSS - I do have prints available of this creepy-crawly piece.
If you are interested in a print, click here.

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