Orange Crush - Week 36

Orange Crush - Week 36

This week's piece was named by all of you! Thank you, to all the facebookers and instagramers who participated in the name suggestions and voting.

I am thrilled to announce that the winning title is: Orange Crush - suggested by Laura Tiberi.

Thinking of "Orange Crush" immediately takes me back to my childhood and the summers of the 1970's and early 1980's.

I have fond memories of days spent on bicycles or exploring local creeks. Other afternoons, we enjoyed games of Ladder Tag at the neighbor's pool and epic trips to Lawson's for Pop Rocks, Bottle Caps, Gobstoppers and Bubblegum Cigarettes. Hamburger Helper, fondue and quiche were regular dinners and Tang, Tab and, of course, Orange Crush were the popular drinks.

To me, the summers of my childhood were all about times spent out in the sun where we, the wildflowers (if you will), explored our freedoms, found our footing, and shaped our future selves.  So, I think, Orange Crush is an awesome title for this piece.  

Thank you for choosing this name for this artwork, it feels perfect!

Make it a HAPPY Day!


PS - As with all the pieces that I create this year for the One a Week Art Challenge, the original is not available for sale until February 8, 2019 when I host my celebratory art show.

PSS - I do have a print available of this sun and wildflower.

If you are interested in a print, click here.

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