Picked Just for You

Picked Just for You


"Picked Just for You"
Mixed Media Collage
by Kim Dettmer

This is my most recent mixed media collage piece that I did for a client. It is for her mother and each of the flowers represents a quality of how she described her mom to me. 

  • The purple larkspur means bigheartedness and beautiful spirit. 
  • The peonies mean healing (her mother is a nurse). 
  • The light purple wisteria means steadfast. 

I was really fun to put together and today I wanted to share my process with you.

STEP 1: Sketch

After coming up with the general concept, I drew a simple pencil sketch.  Added to the sketch were notes and ideas of materials, colors and techniques that I planned on using.


STEP 2: Create Textures

The Coral color texture is made with acrylic paints and is dry brushed swirls.

The greens are also made with acrylics with simple brush strokes.

The purple texture is first a layer is color pencil sticks laid flat and dragged across paper on a rough surface.  The top layer is acrylic paint on top.

STEP 3: Create background

This one was made with torn speckled cream paper on top and kraft paper on the bottom. I adhere the paper with Mod Podge to a canvas art board.

I applied brown acrylic paint to the cream paper with my fingers and on the kraft paper I rubbed a dark brown color pencil stick over the top.

STEP 4: Cut shapes

Cut flowers and vase out of the textures and adhere them to the board.
This step takes the longest and is the most frustrating part of the process...but also the most fun!

STEP 5: Sign, share and enjoy.




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