Q&A: Top 40 Questions I get Asked About my Art

Q&A: Top 40 Questions I get Asked About my Art

I am often asked about my art. Here are the questions (and the answers) that I get asked over and over again...

Where do you draw the inspiration for your work?
There are so many ways in which I draw inspiration for my art. I might notice something while on a walk, or want to capture the magic of a vacation, or I hear a phrase that speaks to me. My inspiration comes from my everyday life and experiences.
However, I am inspired most when I see good in the world. In today’s day and age, it is so easy to get sucked into negative energy and that can be draining. So, I purposely look for and find positivity, then use those moments to guide my work.


What message do you hope to convey in your artwork?
The mission of my art is to bring “a little bit of happy into the world one piece at a time”. I truly believe that optimism can have positive and powerful impact on everyone’s life. And, I hope that my creations add some goodness into the world. The way I figure it, is that if someone smiles because they saw something that I created, then I have done my job.
To convey this message, my artwork is filled with bright colors, whimsy, playfulness and optimism. My art has been described as “joyful”, “soulful” and “smile-making”.

What is your medium/How do you create your art?
Most of my artwork is paper collage. I use a wide variety of papers – maps, books, ledgers, graph paper, magazines, newspapers, the inside of business envelopes, blue prints, postage stamps, postcards, etc. I even make some of my own textured and patterned paper with acrylics, colored pencils, or other mediums and digitally. Recently I have been using scraps of wood for the base of my artwork and therefore, much of my materials are recycled or repurposed.
Cut or torn paper is used to create my images. I like to refer to it as “painting with paper, scissors, and glue”. All of it, including the letters, are cut by hand. 


Do you have an art background?
I did not go to school for art. In fact, through much of my life, I didn’t think that I had much artistic talent at all. It wasn’t until I was in my early 40s in 2011 (I randomly took a fun online class called the 30-day Do the Doodle Challenge) that I even begin to explore my love for creating art. Since that time, I have been on a journey of discovering my artistic talents. I have been creating art, fulltime since 2017.

Originally, I began creating artwork for myself – because when I made time to be creative, I found that I was a happier person. In 2012 the first real artistic endeavor that I took on was to illustrate a picture book, Moments Meant to Savor, that I wrote. The book was published in 2013 and through that process, I realized how much I loved creating art, and I decided to pursue it more seriously. Since then, I have done commission work, including a large project for a “Discovery Hall” in an elementary school, licensed my designs to an art and wine business, participated in art shows, and most recently held my first solo art show with artwork from a year-long, One a Week Art Challenge


Make it a HAPPY day!

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