This is a picture that I took in 2013 as I was creating my book Moments Meant to Savor. It is the background for one of the first pages in the book. When I look at this, and the turkey that I collaged in the refridge, I am always think of thanksgiving.

Today, as I look at this image, I am reminded of thanksgiving, but I am struck with a feeling of gratitude. I recall creating this refrigerator and all the food and giggling my way through it! I had so much fun figuring out how to make paper look like an eggplant, and BBQ sauce, and a milk jug. It was a blast to figure out that a little bit of vellum made the vegetable look like they were in the crisper drawers. And it cracked me up that a turkey on a platter with a typed-on drumstick looked at home on the top shelf. I was so jazzed each time my paper was cut into the perfect shape and looked just right!

I loved the creation process! I am so grateful that I dared to illustrate my book...because without that...I would not be creating the art that I create today.

The book, and this refrigerator especially, was the beginning of me finding my love for mixed media collage art. It was the beginning of believing that I could create "good stuff". It was the beginning of me slowly relaxing into the "artist" title and owning my creativity.

But it was hard. So many times, I wondered, "Who did I think I was to illustrate a book??!!" Often, I looked at my illustrations I am wanted to crumple them up and throw them into the trash can - and sometimes, I did! I seconded guessed my abilities daily and I swore to give-up, almost as much.

But I pushed passed my negativity and insecurities and just kept moving forward.

So today, on the eve of thanksgiving, I am grateful for my journey and the courage that it took to get here.

What are you THANKFUL for? 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Make it a HAPPY (and grateful) day!

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