The Morgan Conservatory - An Art Hot Spot (CLE)

The Morgan Conservatory - An Art Hot Spot (CLE)

My husband were in downtown Cleveland at a warehouse that sold used office furniture when we heard about a "Paper Conservatory" located "just around the corner".

Since paper is my main medium, my interest was peaked! So after loading up our new/used filing cabinet, Jeff and I set out to find it. And the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation ​was AMAZING!

​According to the website​"The Morgan Conservatory is the largest arts center in the United States dedicated to every facet of papermaking, book arts and letterpress printing and to cultivating the talents of established and emerging artists."

Artists were hand-making paper...from various fibers. And large sheets of gorgeous paper were drying.

And works of art, made from these amazing papers, were featured throughout the building.

The type, letterpress, and book binding area was so awesome...My husband, whose family used to own a printing company, especially enjoyed this!

Hidden over on E 47th Street, near Payne Avenue, the Morgan Conservatory is a gem! If you're ever over that way I recommend checking it out!

Make it a HAPPY day!


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