The Traveling Sun

The Traveling Sun

The process for creating each piece of artwork is always a bit different. Here is how I created my newest collage.


To begin I needed and inspiration so I went to my pinterest account and looked through my boards. I was inspired by the phrase "Fall in Love with the Moments" and so I began to create with that in mind.

Because a many of my most favorite moments have involved road trips, I knew immediately that I wanted to use a map as my background. (Interesting side note: the map I grabbed was of Oregon, which is 1 of 6 states in the United States of America that I have not yet been to. It is on my bucket list to visit within the next 3 years.)

As with all of my artwork, I wanted this piece to evoke the feeling of happiness and I decided a sun would be a key component. Then the green graph paper seemed to be the perfect item to use for the grass.

But then, I wasn't sure what to do next. The ideas of simple daisies kept entering my mind but I dismissed it, because daisies are white and the map was mostly white and I thought they would blend into the background too much. But, the daisy idea wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided to go with it. I knew that I could always outline the petals to accent their edges to prevent them from getting lost.

​Ultimately, I am pleased with my decisions to add the daisies.  The bold sun needs to shine and more colorful flowers would have competed and distracted from the bright fun sunshine!

Here is the finished product:

My facebook friends made title suggestions and then voted on the final name.  
The name that won is: The Traveling Sun

Make it a Happy Day!

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