These HAPPY Flowers need a name!

These HAPPY Flowers need a name!

This is my most recent piece and I am kind of digging it!

But these happy flowers are currently unnamed and I want your input!
What should I name these flowers?

A little bit about this piece of art...
As with most of my pieces this one is a collage - made with snippets of paper, cut, arranged and glued to create this happy flower design.

In a previous post I explained that currently, I am playing around with the idea of creating patterns - with the intention to print the artwork on products... Imagine this print on a little girl's bedspread, or as a phone case, on a shower curtain... the options are numerous!

I am also going to make complementary pieces to go with these flowers. For instance, stripes - using the same papers... and a larger flower with words of inspiration beside it.

Thus creating a collection of images that can mix and match for variety of products. So far this journey has be fun!

Please let me know your idea for a title for this artwork in the comment section below.

Make it a HAPPY day!

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