Three Days of Watercolor Woodland Bliss

Three Days of Watercolor Woodland Bliss

Last week I attended Mary Lou Peters' Watercolor Nature Journaling Retreat at Kettunen Retreat Center in Tustin, Michigan and it was spectacular!

Imagine, three days, at lovely retreat center, surrounded by graceful tall trees, lush green plants, and pretty wild flowers, overlooking a tranquil lake with the delightful sounds of nature (I can still hear the gentle wail of the loons). All the while exploring the joy of watercolor painting and capturing, on paper, the beauty all around!


​It was so good for the soul!

Mary Lou Peters is an amazing watercolorist and her paintings are fun, whimsical scenes of every day life - mostly of her beloved Northern Michigan. As a teacher she is encouraging, helpful, and inspired each of us to find our own style.

After short lessons with painting assignment and suggested writing prompt, our morning and afternoons were spent plein air painting and writing.


Watercolor is not my typical medium. I definitely felt out of my comfort zone - but because Mary Lou was such a kindhearted teacher, I was quickly able to relax so I could play with and learn how to interact with the watercolors.

The entire retreat was relaxing, blissful and so peaceful!

Oh, and did I mention the other wonderful women who were in attendance? That was the big bonus of the retreat! We shared stories, learned about each other's lives and connected in such a magical way! I can't wait to do this again next year!

​Here are some of the watercolor painting and journaling that I did on the retreat - you might notice that as the retreat went on I began to connected with nature in a more abstract way.


I am so glad I took the time for ME!  Getting out of my comfort zone and getting out into the woods to paint left me feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired!

Who wants to join me next year?!!!??

Make it a HAPPY day!


ps - if you want to learn more about Mary Lou Peters and her spectacular art - check out her website at

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