We Create Our Own Miracles

We Create Our Own Miracles

I recently created a new commissioned piece that I am sincerely jazzed about!
​It's entitled "We Create our own Miracles".

I created it on a block of wood and I love the background texture, and the simple adorned daisies with the powerful words!

On the back I wrote about my inspiration for this particular piece of art.
​It reads:

As a seed, the daisy has no idea who she will become.

She is placed in the ground, given light, water and in the best circumstance, love. The soil, sun, water and love can encourage and help the flower grow, but the true spirit of the flower is written in the seed, and carried within the daisy. It is only the daisy who can truly know who she is to become.

The brilliant thing about a daisy is that when she blooms she shares her whole self during the day, and at night she closes up. She has learned how to care for and protect herself while still experiencing the joy of sharing her authentic self fully.

The daisy has much wisdom to share.

Just like the daisy, each of us has our unique essence written in our hearts. But to dig deep and fully understand who we are to become is not easy. We each have to grow through dirt, and it is arduous to work through the muck of life while learning about and acting in harmony with our true selves. Sadly, many give up and never truly bloom. But, hopefully, like the daisy, YOU are brave enough to both care for and brilliantly share your authentic self.

Because to bloom – and fully become – is a miracle that we each can create for ourselves and the world. 

The written words on the back makes it feel more complete and meaningful.

​Make it a HAPPY day, ​​

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