We're All in This Together! (New Artwork)

We're All in This Together! (New Artwork)

This is my newest piece entitled: We're All in This Together

It was a commissioned piece of artwork for a friend of mine who is redecorating her living room. The room is going to be so fun and with splashes of color (which I LOVE)! She is adding a bright, vibrant rug, and colorful pillows... including my bloom flower pillow.

(I was so tickled when she ordered the pillow, and even more touched when she asked me to also create this artwork!)

She is also changing up what she is hanging on her walls. We're All in This Together, will sit on a floating shelf above the couch along with family artwork and meaningful decor.

​Because this room is the place where the family gathers most, I wanted to incorporate the entire family into the artwork. The larger, taller flowers represents her and her husband and the daisies are for their four children (one boy and three girls). The map in the vase is where she grew up and some of the petals have special messages and other important map locations. The little dragonfly signifies friends and other family members that pass through and add joy to their lives.

It was such a fun piece to create. I do hope that she and her family love it as much as I do!

Thank You Corey for asking me to create this piece for you and your awesome family!​

​Make it a HAPPY Day!


ps - I do a limited amount of commission artwork each year. I still have availability for 2019. If you are interested in finding out more about a commission piece of artwork, email me.

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