When all else Fails, Create Flowers!

When all else Fails, Create Flowers!

Whenever I am struggling to figure out what to create, or when something that I am creating is not working out, my go-to biggest inspiration is FLOWERS! I love flowers! It is impossible to see a flower and not smile! Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The earth laughs in flowers" (and I couldn't agree more!)  So, often I find myself collaging fun, whimsical flowers!

Here are my top seven favorite flowers collages that I created (in no particular order).



This simple flower was one of my early collages. It is made entirely from magazine clippings. I love it because deciding which petal papers to use was a fun study of color, pattern and design.

​Interestingly, this was also the first original piece of artwork that I sold.

No Rain, No Flowers

Inspired by the saying, "No Rain, No Flowers" I created this fun patch of flowers.

What I most like about this one is the quirkiness of the entire design. Putting the clouds, rain drops and puddles on both sides of the whimsical flowers, instead of merging them together, was an unusual choice for me - but I really love how it turned out. And, the bee felt like the perfect finishing touch.


Again, like the "Daisy" this sunflower is made from magazine clipping with the addition of a black sharpie marker for the outline. I really appreciate the pops of the oranges and yellows against the contrasting blue.

Sunflowers have to be one of the happiest flowers! And, this sunflower always makes me smile!


These little pots and vases of plants and flowers are another favorite! I loved this creation so much that I made two other very similar pieces.

What I like most about this artwork is how I incorporated happy "secret" messages in my paper choices.

Choose Happy

How could you not feel at least a wee bit happier when you see these playful posies?! ...At least that was my thought when I was creating this piece.

There are a few things that makes this art one of my favorites. I love the color combination and quirkiness of the flowers. Also, while the picture does not do it justice, the background on the original is made from a bunch of different layers and is awesome. Lastly, I love the word "happy" since it was the first time I hand cut cursive letters. The entire piece came together nicely.

We Create our Own Miracles

The simplicity of this artwork make this one another favorite.

This piece was commissioned art. While I really like the daisies, the background of this one is the best part. The layers of paint, the beauty of the old wood (that I create this on) and the turquoise-ee color is what I most love about this creation!

Little Sprouts

These little sprouts make me happy and this is my husband's all time favorite! Something notable about this artwork is that most of the paper that I used to create the pots is from the inside of envelopes.

I have collaged many, many flowers since I started creating art and know that I will be creating a bunch more  - because as I often say to myself...
"When all else fails, CREATE FLOWERS!" and thus far, that has been a great mantra!

Which one is your favorite?

​Make is a HAPPY day!

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