Wow! Celebrating my 1st Solo Art Show!

Wow! Celebrating my 1st Solo Art Show!

I am overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and gratitude! Friday night was amazing and I am still feeling the love!

The building was packed with lots of friends - new and old - and I was thrilled to share all the pieces of art from my One a Week Art Challenge with you! 

​I was a bit nervous about speaking - but you all made me feel so comfortable! And, I thought it went pretty well!

Friday night, there were prints of all my artwork and they will be added to my website soon!

Friends and family traveled from as far away as Milwaukee and New Jersey for the show! I am such a lucky woman!


WOW! What a crowd!

Of the 63 pieces I created for the One a Week Art Challenge, 29 originals found new homes! Thank you all!


The remaining originals will be posted in my shop soon!

The biggest seller was the Giraffe print with the poem.

As I mentioned above, I will be updating my shop soon, but if there is something you want to get now, or if you have any questions please, email me.

Also, if you purchased anything, I would LOVE to get an email with a picture of it hanging in your home (if you're so inclined to share it with me)!


​Make it a HAPPY day!

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